The following is a list of recommended software that I would recommend for anyone, home users and businesses alike!


  • Chrome - currently very secure and fast, my personal recommendation, built by Google, one to watch
  • Firefox - a good compromise of speed and reliability with an unmatched number of add-ons
  • Filezilla - a simple, open source FTP client
  • AVG - simple, effective and free antivirus software, the paid package is good too
  • Adaware - effective anti-spyware, if things are feeling sluggish, download and see what it can find
  • Spotify - stream any music you want to your computer for free or pay to remove adverts and use on your mobile smartphone (android and iPhone), a great product
  • Picasa - easy to use image management and correction tool, perfect for managing a personal image library
  • Skype - free computer to computer calls anywhere in the world, instant messaging and even video conferencing, great free software for keeping in touch


Splash the cash

  • Google Apps - email, calendar and contact sharing for small business with a raft of other features which you can dip into as required
  • Microsoft Office - the ultimate office experience because you know everyone else uses it... the new interface is very intuitive and great for novices but harder for serious users of older versions



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