Waxwing websites and hosting

We make websites. It's what we do. We love it.

So why should we make your website? Because we enjoy making good quality, good looking websites that you can maintain yourself, are quick, and work. We can sort out all the technical things for you, and concentrate on what the site has to do for you. Promote your brand, sell products, share information with others, run business logic, anything you can think of.

We host sites on our own dedicated servers to ensure our sites run smoothly and we have complete control over what happens to the sites we create. For more information, please contact us.

Why the name waxwing? Tricky to answer. I like birds (watching, not twitching), the bird has a crazy quiff, it's a kooky sort of name and it just clicked when I heard the word!

Curious about the pictures? I enjoy photography and the ones used here are some of my favourites, but I will try and take some that are more relvant to my site, I wouldn't normally do this for a client but I feel these are a bit like hanging paintings in a room, there to make the experience more pleasant.


Contact details

Waxwing Limited
Building 3, Chiswick Park,
566 Chiswick High Road,
London W4 5YA

Mobile: +44 (0)7739 463 576
Skype: waxwing